What’s hyper personalisation and how can you use it to attract those customers more likely to stick around?

Brands are now are moving towards a deeper knowledge of their audiences and delivering digital experiences especially designed to meet their interests, needs and relationship with their business.

What is hyper-personalization and how can it benefit you?

Your customers spend hours and hours viewing thousands of commercial messages as they interact, daily, with different kinds of media.

Hyper-personalization helps businesses break through all of this noise with truly customized marketing messages and service offerings. It’s designed to achieve individual customer preferences, in terms of product offerings and digital content. It depends on big data and AI technology to deliver tailor-made experiences in real time.

The power of context

Hyper-personalization is responsive to context: i.e., how the consumer’s demands may shift depending on location, what time it is and their past purchase behaviour. For instance, Spotify and Netflix employ hyper-personalized methods which pre-empt the preferences of their users to make relevant content suggestions.

Does hyper-personalization mean brands can deliver better customer experiences?

Absolutely! When brands employ an analytics-driven hyper-personalization plan, it increases their marketing’s efficiency and engages customers for longer periods of time by refining and ‘learning’ what works for them.

3 Steps to developing a hyper-personalization plan:

  1. Define which goals need to be achieved. What are the intended behaviours for the target group?
  2. Segmentation of behaviour patterns. Identify optimal interaction strategies for each segment.
  3. Implement analytical techniques and machine learning. The aim is to build an automated self-learning system in which underlying interaction patterns are continually optimized

As with other digital operations, hyper-personalization benefits greatly from the close cooperation and alignment between those involved in the brand’s marketing, business and technology departments.

Vertis Media gives brands full visibility into their data profiles and can enhance privacy and make them feel more in control.

Native ads on premium news sites are more trusted than ads that appear on social media platforms, so if you have any questions on how you can make this transition work for you, we are here!

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