“Heroic” stories- how important are they for the success of marketing your business?

How to connect with your audience and tell better stories

storytelling, coffee cup and pen

We spoke to someone lately who said they found it hard to work with a client because they did not want to “open up”. They didn’t want to tell the story of their business without disclosing personal or vulnerable details of their life.

We found it interesting that a trained professional and expert in their field considered this hesitancy to disclose more intimate details as a sticking point in allowing them to find ways of connecting their client to their target audience.

You are not keen on including “heroic” stories as part of a marketing strategy?

Here are a few alternatives:

  • Why not focus on how you’ve transformed other people’s lives or helping them with their story? It could be more effective to tell someone else’s story and explain how you contributed to their development.
  • Create an “About” page that tells people who you are and what you specialise in.
  • Aside from content, its distribution is just as important. It’s about getting what you write in front of the right eyeballs. It needs to be well aimed and seen by your target audience to build up trust for your product or service. Native and contextual advertising goes one step further to bring in new leads that have not crossed paths with your products and services yet but that have been viewing those adjacent to them. When it comes to distribution, native and contextual advertising can reach users at any stage of the funnel content distribution.

Native and contextual advertising

This type of advertising can be a continuation of your content marketing plan: your best content delivered efficiently by native and contextual in order to grow your brand and expand your reach. Many successful businesses already benefit from combining their content marketing and native advertising efforts.


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