Are you ready for a world with no cookies?

With many celebrating #nationalcookieday over the weekend are you ready for a world with no cookies?

The digital world is becoming cookie-free

GDPR changes have ensured that data is now handled with greater care, along with the CCPA and regulations in other regions following in their footsteps. Changes in data security practices have also taken place, with Facebook and Google: i.e. the removal of third-party cookies from internet browsers. Safari blocked cookies in 2017, along with Firefox, and Google Chrome, which accounts for around 60% of browsing, has announced a two year transition period to do the same.

What does a cookie-free marketing world look like? The last 10 years have seen the use of cookies to control data and get to know more about consumer audiences and how to target them efficiently. Consumers are worried by issues of malpractice which have endangered their privacy, leading them to increasingly question what data is collected about them and by whom

New exchange dynamics with consumers

Cookie freedom is happening and the most important thing to remember is that targeted digital advertising is here to stay but that the tools used to deliver it will adapt to incorporate more choice when it comes to consumers. The entire industry is now re-thinking the dynamics of exchange with consumers.

Google’s decision to drop support for cookies will entirely change the way advertisers can target consumers through its Chrome browser. Blocking the supply chain to these third-party data platforms will place a limit to what knowledge advertisers can gain once consumers leave their owned channels.

On the other hand, publishers have been educating their consumers about what it means to access free content, with ideas including paywalls and memberships- another way into the collection of data.

Next steps

Our industry has already braved a number of storms but has stood its ground. If we look to the opportunity rather than the threat of a cookie-free world, we can step into 2021 without fear. Engaging content and skilful positioning contextually will always stand you in good stead no matter what the changes are.
To find out more about your business and how we can work together in a cookie-free world, get in touch with us today.