Vertis Media joins the 2019 London & Partners Business Growth Programme

Vertis Media will be representing London B2B sector at the London Business Growth Programme Winter Cohort 2019.

Vertis Media, an already successful brand in Italy and Spain, has decided to grow in one of the most exciting and competitive cities in the world when it comes to start-ups and entrepreneurial talent: London.

London & Partners Vertis Media Launch Event

Supporting the Global Growth Ambition of London Businesses

London & Partners Business Growth Programme is one example of what this city has to offer, a unique opportunity to develop supported by the best in a range of industries.
Organisations like London & Partners have been offering tailored strategic support for businesses looking to grow in the capital since 2011. They provide fantastic opportunities to speak to dedicated business growth advisors, local business support and workshops and events that can help companies step up to the next level.

To date, 215 companies have been through the programme, helping to create more than 90 jobs, and bring 30 disruptive new products to market.

Vertis Media will be representing London B2B (sector) at the Business Growth Programme Winter cohort 2019.

Our ambition is to be part of the cohort this winter and gain knowledge on strategy, gaining the support necessary to unleash our creativity.

Vertis Media London & Partners Logo

It sounds like this programme will provide us with the tools to get to where we’ve always wanted to be. With London & Partners’ support we will be able to look up to models of success that can lend insight and knowledge into what it takes to transform our ambition into everyday reality.

It’s a January start so let the hard work begin!

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